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Xpo Catering: food & drinks

Quick, fresh and tasty: those are the core values of Xpo Catering’s service provision. This goes both for our products in the bars and restaurants as well as for the products that we deliver to your stand. Your order is carefully and practically packed and is at the right temperature.

Steaming coffee, cooled wine and rolls fresh from the kitchen!

Quality guaranteed

Xpo Catering completely complies with the directives of the HACCP (food safety system). That is exactly the reason why we have the exclusive catering right in the premises of Kortrijk Xpo. During the fair we will make sure that all the rules are observed, so the quality within the buildings is guaranteed.

However, you can still choose to work with your own caterer or brewery. If that is the case, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

Allergen list

Are you allergic to milk, eggs, nuts or one of the many other common allergens? Then take a look at our allergen list for more product information. The list has been composed on the basis of the product information provided by our suppliers.


Kortrijk Xpo implemented the concept of sustainability in a spontaneous and natural way and we keep on continuously improving and innovating in this respect!

In the catering we try to keep our ecological footprint as limited as possible. For example, Xpo Catering is cooperating with a whole number of local suppliers, the (disposable) materials are carefully selected and the waste is processed in a sustainable way. The overstock of our food is given to the less fortunate.